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Water Adventures

Although Santiago’s main attractions are inland, the waters in this part of the Caribbean are warm and inviting.

Boating & Sailing

Marina Marlin Punta Gorda

This major marina docks and services cruise ships and international vessels.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Marea del Portillo

Santiago - Marea del Portillo

Explore the shipwrecks from Spanish Admiral Cervera’s ill-fated fleet that sank here during the Spanish-Cuban-American War in 1898.

Sierra Mar International Dive Centre

Navigate deep drops in the seabed and marvel at the ridges, hillocks and walls at one of the 24 dive sites this centre services.

Marlin Bucanero Dive Centre

Jump into some of Cuba’s warmest waters from here.

Marlin-Sigua Dive Centre

Marlin-Sigua Dive Centre

This centre services 24 dive sites where underwater adventurers can survey shipwrecks and handfeed black groupers.