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Sunseekers flock to Camagüey's north coast for excellent beaches, spectacular diving and sport fishing, in a secluded natural setting.

Playa Los Cocos

This beautiful beach at the western tip of Playa Santa Lucía offers views of the Colón lighthouse on Cayo Sabinal (just across the Canal de la Boca), and flocks of pink flamingoes in the lagoon behind the beach.

Playa Santa Lucía

Enjoy the sun and shimmering white sand at this 21-km stretch of pristine beach that is well-served by a variety of good hotels and resorts. Santa Lucía’s ecosystem is carefully preserved, allowing flocks of pretty pink flamingoes to thrive here.

Cayo Sabinal

Cayo Sabinal

Escape to this gorgeous, unspoiled coral key lined with mangroves, marshes and lagoons and watch clouds of butterflies flutter above the lush landscape. Be sure to spend an afternoon at Playa Los Pinos, a standout amid the key’s many beaches, located 22 km from the town of Nuevitas.