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Longest River: Rio Cauto, 343 km long

Largest cave: Cave of Santo Tomás near Viñales in western Cuba, 46 km long (29 mi); third largest in Latin America

Number of beaches: over 300

Coral Reefs: Predominantly fringing reefs cover almost the entire border of the Cuban underwater shelf; longest stretches are 400km along the Archipelago de Sabana to the Archipelago de Camagüey on the north coast, notably around the northern shore of Cayo Coco; and 350 km between Trinidad to Cabo Cruz on the south

Number of diving sites: 525

Proximity: 77 km (48 mi) from Haiti; 140 km (87 mi) from the Bahamas; 146 km (90.5 mi) from Jamaica; 180 km (112 mi) from Florida; and 210 km (130 mi) from Cancún.