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Phone & Internet Access


Public telephones allow for direct-dialled calls, paid for either in Cuban pesos (for local calls – you’ll need 20 centavos and 1 peso) or with tarjetas or phone cards that are sold for convertible Cuban pesos. The phone cards come in denominations of 10 and 20 convertible Cuban pesos and are sold in hotels, conference centres, ETECSA’s offices and the telephone booths themselves. Or you can make your international calls from your hotel.

Online/internet: You may access the internet at hotels.

To dial Cuba directly from any country:

-Dial the prefix for international calls: 00

-Dial Cuba’s country code: 53

-Dial the code for the area you are calling

-Dial the telephone number of the person you are calling

Direct dialing codes within Cuba:

A R E A   C O D E

Ancón 419

Baconao 223

Baracoa  21

Caibarién 42

Camagüey (city) 322

Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo 33

Cayo Largo del Sur  45

Ciego de Ávila (city) 33

Cienfuegos (city)  432

Florida 32

Granma (entire province) 23

Havana 7

Holguín (entire province) 24

Las Tunas (city) 31

Matanzas (city) 52

Morón 335

Pinar del Río (city) 82

Playa Covarrubias  31

Playa Girón and Playa Larga 59

Remedios 42

Sancti Spíritus 41

Santa Clara (city)  422

Santa Lucía beach 32

Santiago de Cuba (city) 226

Santiago de Cuba (province) 22

Topes de Collantes 42

Trinidad 419

Varadero 45

Viñales Valley 8

Mobile Telephones:

Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone companies. If your phone has GSM working in the 900 MHz band (Standard European) or TDMA (American standard), in the 800 mHz band, you may be able to use your own phone in Cuba. You may need to activate your phone with a local carrier; C_COM for GSM or CUBACEL for TDMA. You can also rent a cell phone in Cuba.