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Jardines del Rey boasts many carefully preserved natural attractions. Go flamingo-watching at Parador La Silla, or venture over to Cayo Coco’s Parque Nacional El Bagá to marvel at the butterflies, crocodiles and aromatic juniper forest.

National Parks

Parque Nacional El Bagá

Parque Nacional El Bagá

What was once an airfield on Cayo Coco’s has been converted into a 769-hectare nature park filled with lakes, mangroves, juniper forest and over 130 species of birds. Take a tour along winding trails to see the netted butterfly garden and crocodile enclosure.



This causeway offers plenty of bird-watching opportunities. Watch out for wading birds like herons, pelicans and roseate spoonbills just off of this road connecting Cayo Coco to the mainland.

Parador La Silla

You’re certain to see a flock of pink flamingos flying overhead here at sunrise and dusk. Prime flamingo-watching season is April to November, when they congregate at the Laguna de los Flamencos.