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City Life

Nightclubs & Bars

Recreational Centre La Movida

If you love good times and good music, this is spot for you. Kick up your heels with the locals and enjoy great Cuban salsa music along with great Cuban rum.

El Pirata Tavern

Enjoy recorded music and traditional Cuban-style rhythms at this friendly tavern. Open 24 hours.

Iguana Disco

For an evening of karaoke (as well as recorded music), head to the Iguana. Open: 10:00 pm - 5:00 am.

Restaurants & Cafés

El Torreón

This friendly restaurant, with it’s decor evoking the days of pirates and corsairs, is a great place to enjoy traditional Cuban food and drink, a good cold beer, and lively music.


The Cigar Shop (in the Boulevard)

Friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you choose from a fine selection of cigars, rum and jewelry at this shop, which features a Cava offering renowned brands of Cuba's famous cigars; an exclusive jeweler's; and a VIP room where you can enjoy an excellent cigar, accompanied by a superb Cuban rum.

Artisans Plaza

Artisans selling jewelry, woodwork, leather and a fascinating assortment of handmade crafts can be found throughout the area around the Boulevard.