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Resorts & Hotels

Porto Santo Hotel

Built on the site where Columbus landed, when he arrived in Baracoa in 1492, this is a cozy, comfortable, seafront facility, providing a range of services and easily accessed by air.

Villa Maguana

Accommodating 16 people, Villa Maguana is idyllically situated on an unspoiled beach of white sand and shallow waters, just 20 km from the city.

La Habanera Hostel

Located in the most central area of the city, this beautiful, modern establishment offers facilities and services to meet the tastes of the most demanding customer.

La Rusa (The Russian Lady)

An intimate facility with a wide range of services, La Rusa offers an uptown location and proximity to the sea. It is the restored former residence of the famous 'Russian Lady of Baracoa', a person closely linked to history and local culture.

Hotel El Castillo

This hotel was originally built as a fortress to repel the British, but it certainly isn’t repelling anyone now. It boasts picture-perfect views of Baracoa and nearby El Yunque, and it houses one of the area’s best restaurants.