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Baracoa offers beaches to suit every taste, from family-friendly to ruggedly remote, in an interesting array of colours too. Sun-worshippers can choose between the golden sands at Playa Maguana, the black sands at Playa Duaba or the gray sands around the Bahía de Baracoa.

Playa Maguana

Playa Maguana

Sink your feet into the shining white-gold sands of this beach, located 22 km from Baracoa. Protected by a coral reef, Playa Maguana is popular with local families and visitors alike. There’s a small village here, should you choose to spend the night.

Playa Nava

Baracoa Playa Nava

This remote beach is located off the beaten path, 6 km west of Playa Maguana. It’s a good bet if you prefer to sun in seclusion.

Playa Duaba

Baracoa Playa Duaba

The striking black sand makes this beach worth a stop. It also features a bust of War of Independence hero General Antonio Maceo.

Bahía de Baracoa

Bahía de Baracoa

To the west of town, a gray-sand beach wraps around the sparkling turquoise bay, beautifully framed by a mountain range.